Saturday, April 9, 2011

Running away.

I often find myself complaining about freedom. I envy how birds can go anywhere in the world if they want. But then I realize, so can I...

So, I decided I'm running away. I'm not positive where my destination point is... but, i'll figure something out. I hate trying to run away, I'm too responsible and too much of a chicken, (I know what you're thinking, you're thinking- What the heck? Kim is not responsible. Haha, well surprisingly I am sometimes. )Like, I'm always dead set on running away, then I think... Wait, I have a test in my class I need to study for. Or Wait, I need to take work off. Yeah, that's how pathetic I am. Anyone want to join me on my running away extravaganza?
I want to go to Logan tonight to see Joe and Ryan. I haven't hung out with those kids in a while. I'll probably do that, because I just got off work, and I'm way to bored for my liking.
I found a new band that I like. Well, this certain song by them I particularly love.

It makes me want to name my daughter Yoko... Yeah, I don't think I will. that would just be to typical since she would be part Asian. Right? But, it's dang cute. I have a whole list of future kid names in my journal.

Remember how I made a Tumblr, well I decided not to post the link... I think it's kind of personal.. it shows into my mind more. I don't know how to explain it. You probably think I'm a super weirdo, but I just think it's more personal. Maybe one day I'll post it. So stay tuned.

Well, make yourself a good day(: Hopefully your weekend is more fun than mine!

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