Friday, April 8, 2011

Old news.

 I think it's so erroneous how you can have two people. One popular, the other on the lower end of the food chain. I hate how the "popular" one or the one that everyone thinks is handsome so to say... well, I hate how if that individual says something everyone agrees or thinks it is cool. But, take the other person... they can say that same exact thing and everyone thinks they just did something blasphemousness. Or the classic clothing situation. Some "cool" person could wear a certain outfit, but once someone not so "cool" wears something similar they get looked at like they just committed a heinous crime.
This just frustrates me a lot.

So, last weekend while my sister was in town, the girls, my mom, and I went to see the movie Hop... strongly advised not to see. It was a little on the.... eh, boring side. Anyway, on our way into the movie we saw a store that had animals, so of course we had to stop!! Megan loves dogs. Nicole loves cats. Me I love both, but with a little more love towards dogs. Well, long story short come to find out it was for animals that needed to be adopted. So sad. I think the worst part is how they have those paragraphs above the cage and it has the animal speaking in first person. What the heck? That is so sad. I couldn't take it, I was so outraged about how these animals had no home. I was telling my mom and sister that i'd much rather see starving or homeless children than a starving animal or homeless animal. I'm a cruel person, huh? :/ By the looks people gave me after that statement it sure is undeniable. Well, it's the truth. It breaks my heart seeing poor, defenseless animals like that. When we left the store my little niece started crying. She felt way bad for the dogs that nobody was adopting, or that cat nobody gave a second chance to, just for the the mere fact that it wasn't a kitten. Gosh, I'm glad my twelve year old niece is on the same page as me. I think it's safe to say my heart will never be the same after that incident. If I had my own place, I'd adopt all those animals... Jk. But, I would have adopted one.

Dear Spring slash Summer,
You can arrive anytime. I think it's safe to say that everyone is anticipating your appearance anytime now. I don't think you are comprehending how much my luster is lacking its luster. Really, I need a tan. Any who, please come full force and maybe make sure not to bring those irritating Box Elder bugs along with you. They give me the heeby geebiez, and continually scare the sh*t out of me when I periodically find one chillin out on my shoulder. So, moral of this is.......... hurry here faster.

With all due respect,
Kim Westover

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