Sunday, September 18, 2011

If you play with fire, you're gunna get burned.

Just when you think things are going smooth- life hits you straight in the face. No warning and it comes full force. Well, maybe there is a warning, I just ignore them, usually... and it's biting me in the butt now. So, all in all, I guess this mess I'm in is all my fault. Correction: it is my fault! I don't even know where to start to fix it. It's like a really mess room, and you don't know where to start cleaning. Maybe I shouldn't even try to fix it...
I don't know what else to say on this subject. Other than, I ruin everything good in my life. Sorry this is so vague and spontaneous. I guess we'll see how this all plays out. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

On a more bright and relevant note. I started my new job! Pretty cool. I get to give IM injections (inter muscular injection), collect UA's (urinalysis), and  that pretty much sums it up.. haha. No, not really there's a lot more that I do. I'm just to lazy to explain it all. Um, school is goooood. I'm actually studying. (don't act so surprised...). It's been a while since I've met a new friend, so my goal for this week is to hangout with someone new this weekend. I got a raise at my job in Brigham, well it's pending so I'm not sure how much it's going to be. I took my nose ring out. Not because my Mother had a nervous break down about it, I just felt like taking it out for some weird reason. My birthday is coming up... not excited either. :/ UGH.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it...

He's better than James Franko, and that kills me to admit.

Chord Overstreet. Aka Sam Evans from glee. Oh, the things I would do to this boy... excuse my inappropriateness! But really! Haha.

Anyway, on to something not as interesting. School is, um, good. Work is, work. Speaking of work, I got a new job in Ogden.
I was mentally preparing myself to write a lot... but, I really need to do homework and I think I smell something cooking. So, I'll try to write some more later (: