Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Renounce age!

I seriously would love if we renounced age. I think ultimately it would make everyone much more happy. I know I would be! My Birthday is down the road and around the corner... Sad to say, but I'll probably have a mid-life-crisis when it comes. Every year I dread my Birthday. Hah. I hate thinking about this. It's a very confusing thing to contemplate and there would be a lot of confusion and disagreements... but, once we all got past that, then it would be a cool concept :p
I just hate how we look on age more than other aspects... I've meet twelve year old that are more mature than some of these people that claim to be in their thirties. I'd elaborate on this more, but I'll just get contradict myself and confuse myself. :p
Gosh, if I had my own world, it would most likely be pure chaos!

This semester is coming to an end. Thank goodness. I need to apply myself more next semester... I'm such a slacker :/
On an unrelated note, yet a related note... I'm looking for apartments! just something casual for the summertime. Like a summer home, but less water, less beach, and less cool. I just need something new, I'm going crazy waking up to the same ol' thing day after day.
When I told my Mom this today, I thought she was going to have a nervous break down. Man, I hate being the baby of the family! My family takes me being the baby of the family to a whole new level though...
I'm not even that spoiled............ HA. (:
I'm really scared for Summer to show. I don't want to be bored! I'm trying to enroll myself in piano lessons or a Technology College so I have something fun to do. I was looking at Pharmacy Technician courses offered in Ogden. Maybe I'll do that! But, then my summer home in Salt Lake would be crushed. I don't really care where I move. As long as it's not my current residency.


Bleh, well I have to go study for my Final Exams. Night!!
Oh, something I should note, Breck and I are trying to talk my older brother into going on a double date with us. Hah. This should be interesting....
Also, note, my older brother has never been on a date, so he claims. So, all-in-all, wish me luck in trying to convince that little party pooper.

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