Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heads up

Just a cautionary warning... I might lag a little on my blogging, due to Summer! Nonetheless, I'll still update as much as possible.
I'm trying not to stress, because I know stress will only make this whole situation worse! BUT, it seems like my hair is falling out- in abnormal amounts. Now, everyone tells me this is normal, but really? This is anything but normal. Eeeek.
I mean, my hair is still retaining its standard thickness... which isn't much to begin with.
I'm still real concerned if you can't tell. :/
Also, I need to start working out. So I can get a six pack..... just kidding! That would be grotesque! :p
I don't really have anything fun slash funny to write about today. I haven't done anything except work.

I do have a story from work!

Me: **Enters male residents room** Well, hello there.
Resident: Hello, Kim.
Me: Um, would you like me to change your tv channel? It's on the spanish show. (Note: This male resident doesn't speak a word of spanish).
Resident: ***Randomly shouts a random word of spanish**
Me: :/ Oh, okay I'll leave it.
Resident: Haha, thanks. That's where all the good lookin women are anyway.
Me: That's what I hear! Well, uh, um, eh, er, mm, ah, I'll let you be alone then. Bye.
Resident: Good idea. Bye, Kim.

Moral of this ^ men are nothing but pigs. Hhah

Ah, right now I'm drinking some hot tea then going to do some reading. Maybe if I'm feeling wild I'll clean and do some laundry! (:


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