Friday, April 29, 2011

Nothing but smooth sailing-

And good energy coming my way. Because if this is how my Summer is going to be, then sign me up! I've had a pretty noteworthy start to my Summer. I still need to sign up for something productive... like piano or jazz flute. Hah.
Please Note: I'm currently addicted to Beto's Veggie Burrito, indie music, reading, driving, and Nutella! (But, not all at the same time). Except, I bet Veggie Burrito with Nutella would be Heaven, I mean, what doesn't taste delicious with Nutella on it. Right?
Urg, why can't Beto's be open 24/7 anymore? I would attempt to make one myself, but dang those Mexicans, they are way good cooks.
I'm really getting my hopes up for sushi tomorrow... I've been craving it like none other.
It's times like these that I wish I had a significant other... so I could get a tickle back and fall asleep. Because I'm wide awake. **sigh**************
The thing I hate most about Summer is: I hate how I can't keep track of the days... is it Tuesday today? No, It's Thursday, because I had work Tuesday... But, I swear that It's been Two days since I last worked. *looks at phone* Crap! It's Monday? Wtf? Wth? Fml? How did that happen. :/
Well, goodnight! I'm going to go attempt to do something useful.
I'm sorry, I really need to start adding photos of things I do. I'll make that a goal!

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