Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official

I'm ultra weird... you know why?... because you know you're ULTRA weird when you want to fly to Seattle just to see this wall of gum. Yes, I said it, wall of gum! Also so I could place my delicious, already been chewed, moist, sticky gum on that glorious wall. It's fascinating. Oh, if only Utah had one of those walls I'd vouch to start a wall like that, but pretty sure some scum bag would disagree with me. I think Seattle would be a exquisite place to live too! And I'm not just saying that because of this wall of gum.... Psh, that'd be super silly.... ahah.
So... I didn't go to school today. Psh, I'll make up for it by studying extra hard tonight! (;

I want this! All of this. I think it's the next coolest thing, man I wish I could pull this look off, but unfortunately I'm lacking some areas... so It would most likely fall down, Haha. Anyway, on to better areas. I'm trying to decide what classes I should sign up for next semester... I'm thinking Intro to Photography, an online English class, a Science class (of course!), and perhaps a Religion class? Come on people help me out.
Sorry this post is so dang random... my mind is kind of racing, but then again... when is it not always racing? I hope everyone has a tremendous Tuesday!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Iron and Wine

Don't you hate how fast things start, and then how fast they can stop... It amazes me how things change so fast and how somethings seem like they stay the same. I've been thinking way to much lately! Well, this weekend was pretty grand!!! I saw Harry Potter 7, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really need to stop procrastinating and just finish reading all the books. Haha
Friday I went snowboarding with Franklin. It was rather fun and I didn't make a complete fool of myself... (I'm amazed still).

 I've been listening to this a lot lately. Calms my nerves and sets me in a better mood. What is better than that?
I bought some vans online, and when I opened the box............................................................ there were two different shoes?!? What is this world coming to? People so lazy and inconsiderate that they can't simply open a shoe box and check, I mean yeah most likely they are the correct shoe, but really lets get serious and use the good old check and re-check system. Some peoples children, gosh. I'm pretty dang excited for Christmas. I still need to go shopping for everyone... ooops.

I love the design on this GNU board, all the colors and patterns can make a girl go crazy.. or maybe that is just me.
Dear Mom, if you are reading this-I want this for Christmas! Preferably a 141, 142, 143, I'll even dare say a 144. Thank you and don't mind that it cost about 300.00(: Much love, Kim

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving.
And a special shout out to my wonderfully, amazingly, beautiful family. They are one in a million and I love them. As Scott (brother) and I drove to Ogden today, I realized how much he means to me, and I'm not saying that just because he gave me 20 dollars today. (: Yeah, I have the best family.  Words can't really describe them.

Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about all the things I have to be thankful for. I am truly blessed, and I probably take it all for granted. I had a wonderful dinner with my Mom, Brother, and Step Dad. At first I didn't know where I was going to end up for Thanksgiving due to my Father being in Idaho and my Mom having to work. I was originally going to go with one of my beloved friends, and then I was supposed to go with my Brother Brian... to say the least everything worked out AKA I still got to stuff my face full of delicious food. Has anyone else noticed that Thanksgiving naps are 1000 times better than any other nap. Baffling! Hah  I really need to start elaborating on things I think and things I do more. I wish my attention span wasn't so short. Well, off to go have an adventure with my erratic friends.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, all the rumors you hear are very much the cold hard truth! Speculate no more. I'll be the first to admit this, but I hate SNOW. Give me 10 good reasons I should like it. Then maybe I'll give it another chance. I mean, hear me out on this one... when you wake up and you know life is beautiful and it's going to be a great day! Then you take a gander out the window... yeah, cancel all your plans, hide all the women and children, lock all the doors and windows-because it's a blizzard out side!
Am I the only one that hates this? Or when you innocently walk outside, and the cold hits you like a ton of bricks... then you try to scramble back inside, with the last of your strength and proceed to take your shoes off once inside the nice toasty warm house... then BAM cold, wet, miserable wetness all over your socks that were once warm... ugh, HATE!
Oh, but worst of all! I hate driving in it! Anyone with me on this one? Hah Now I'm not scared of very many things, but hitting a deer is one of my worst fears! I'm petrified of those four legged disease carrying animals.
But, for some odd reasoning, I can't figure out why I love snowboarding though... :/ Yeah, Love hate relationship right here.
On to better things! Lets just say... I maybe started my Thanksgiving break out early! Do I regret not going to school today? Psh NO WAY, best decision i've ever made. Lets just say that I haven't done homework/ studied for a good week now! Do I regret that?..... Yes, actually I do. Hah.
I got woken up today by my Father. The conversation is as follows:
Dad: *flings door open* "Are you going to Ogden anytime soon?"
Me: "No."
Dad: "Well it's supposed to snow around four today, I don't want you leaving the house today."
Me: *semi upset that I can't leave the house* "Fine"....

Don't you love how I'm nineteen and still being advised what to do. Haha  

Can I just say that I want to go on a road trip, again! Oh man, if only I was five years older and a million dollars richer... then i'd just leave everyone behind and travel the world. That sounds very arrogant of me, huh?... Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 22, 2010

You know it's going to be a good week..

When you only have school one day this week. Along with only one day of school, you only have two classes for that day! Wooo, Thanksgiving break I'm ready for you! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A beautiful mind

This weekend I FINALLY watched, A Beautiful Mind, it was great!! I insisted that we watch it for a second time in a row... but, Kody persisted that it wasn't as wonderful the second time around. Psh, what a party pooper. (:
I really eat those kinds of movies up and it gets me thinking about how brilliant the mind really is, and makes me want to work in a Asylum, AND makes me want to became a Neurosurgeon- so I can perform frontal lobatomies....haha, I'm kidding! It's so crazy, do you ever think about becoming schizophrenic, or having dissociative identity disorder (multi personality disorder). I freaks me right out to be honest. Side note: This weekend has been... interesting to say the least. Everything is happening so fast I just need to slow down. Woo is it hot in here? Or is it just me? Hah
Well, I'm signing out. After staying up ALL night- I'm pooped. Yes, Yes. I did just use the word pooped! Blame it on my Mother, she implies she is pooped on a regular basis. (: Hah

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Perhaps I didn't study for my Psychology test.
Perhaps I cram studied for a good 3 hours before I attempted to take it.
Perhaps I took a 15 minute nap somewhere in that 3 hours.
Perhaps this isn't the first time I've procrastinated.
Perhaps I won't have to be to school at 7:30 anymore due to my Psychology class has now officially ended. 
Perhaps I'm listening to Ke$ha.
AND perhaps I like it. (;

Man, is it me or did this week fly by? It's probably just me...
Today at school was not as amusing as I had anticipated, I mean the guy that kept swearing at his laptop was rather entertaining, but it didn't satisfy me. On a brighter note IT'S THE WEEKEND! Technically no it is not, but for me it is. (: So, it has been decided-I need to study more and do whatever it is that is keeping me from studying... a little less. I get in a good groove of study habits and then next thing I know I'm in class freaking out to the guy next to me that I'm not prepared for the test and diligently telling him to tell me everything that we have learned. Now, don't be alarmed, everyone that sits by me knows this is a regular thing for me. I feel bad for that fellow that has to put up with me, but he is a good sport and kindly proceeds to tell me the criteria that I need to know. Bless his soul. Haha
Random thing, as I lethargically walked to my next class a man caught my eye... I look over and saw him looking at his reflection in a window. Seriously, he was very entranced with what he saw I guess, because he stayed there for a good 6 minutes. When I passed him he was just smiling at himself. WOW. Am I the only one that sees/ acknowledges these things? Haha, I like that guy though. He doesn't give a crap what people think... *sigh
Well, now that I have ranted and complained I'm going to home to Brigham now, where serious chill sessions are about to take place. (:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just another thing to distract me...

So, I decided to make a blog today... what possessed me? I'm still wondering that too! I feel like this will keep me up to date on myself (access to a computer is easier than carrying around a journal)- I guess you could say, even thought I'm a very avid journal writer.When I say avid, I mean like once every two weeks. Give me a break, I have school every other day... and I work only on the weekends. Haha Yeah.. I try to make myself sound important and busy, but do you blame me? Everyone else is doing it. Gosh, now I sound even more trendy... ha
I'm going to buy myself a fancy camera, maybe on Black Friday! I plan on going this year, even if it is by my lonesome. (:

I took this picture on my way home for Vegas a little while ago. I love road trips! But, who doesn't? Right?
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.
Oh, p.s. If you are planning on reading my blog, can I just warn you right now that I'm a complete dork and I'm maybe a little obsessed with grammar... so if you want to correct my on anything- feel free to. (:
I hope as I pursue this blog, that my ability to become a better writer will start to show.