Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to the lady that has loved me no matter what. Happy Birthday to the lady that is the most caring person I know (other than me (; but it's not my Birthday, so I won't go into detail ha). Happy Birthday to the lady that at times feels like she is the only one that really loves and worries about me. Happy Birthday to the lady that texts with her pointer finger (use your thumbs Mom). And last but not least, Happy Birthday to the lady that has put up with me for 19 cold hard years. (: Happy Birthday, Mommy. 
Yes, it is in fact my Mom's Birthday! I would state her age, but I think I would be beaten to death if I did.

Is it weird that whenever someone asks me how old I am, I always say 18... and then I quickly correct myself and say 19. Yeah, I get some pretty weird looks! I don't know why I persist to say I'm 18. :/
Along with that, on my to work today, I noticed it was a few degrees warmer than usual... I kind of wanted it to be cold- not warm!! Is something wrong with me? Really? Maybe once it warms up more then I'll "warm" up to the idea of warm weather. Hah, okay I'm not funny. MOVING ON TO MORE IMPORTANT AREAS...
Embarrassing moment of the day:
Me, listening to music, me tuning everyone out with my music (when I listen to music, it just makes people more tolerable), me going to class, get to class, sit down, listen to some more music, teacher enters, me taking out my headphones, everyone is quiet, my headphones get unplugged on accident, my phone is blasting music, my phone is blasting Suicide Silence- No Pity For a Coward, me frantically trying to turn it off, everyone glaring at me like I'm the devil, me smiling shyly and turning it off.
(This actually isn't the first time this has happened, I don't know why it always happens when I'm listening to metal music)...
I'm in awe by this. (: Good thing I bought it!
Gosh, I'm going to bed... today nothing exhilarating has happened. Bring on tomorrow! Night, I promise I'll write more some other time. When I feel more inspired. My brain has just been mush lately. Just ask my professor, I almost called him Mom the other day- I don't want to talk about that though, my dignity has been damaged enough already. 

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  1. Kim, That is so nice what you wrote on your blog. I just read it. My thumbs are too big to text so my other finger works alot better. I love you kids more then life itself and only want you to be happy. I love you! Mom