Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'd rather wake up beside you, and breath that familiar smell.

I have sometime to kill right now. I'm just chilling here at school, sitting on a abnormally comfy couch, and contemplating going to the Atrium Cafe down stairs... really, that's the name of it! We always seem to get out of class early when I have nothing to do. But, when my day is full of work and homework, then we get let out later than normal. I really think my professors plan against me to make me more stressed than normal. I love Thursdays. No work and no homework, unless I'm feeling really super motivated- which never happens. I do have work meetings today. I get paid for them though, so I gladly go to them. It's so noisy here in the Union building. I love it. (:
In a sick kind of way, I get mass amounts of pleasure from making people feel awkward. Why? Probably because in one way or another I have been in their situation. Haha. Sadly...

Remember how I openly commended my immune system, because I haven't gotten sick all winter... well, screw you immune system! I have a sore throat and a semi-stuffy nose. Ugh. I refuse to take any kind of antibiotics. My body will fight it off, and if it can't, then I'll just get weeded out. Survival of the fittest. I have such a hate for people that are a wast of space. I mean, some people don't do a thing to contribute to this world... yeah, they pay taxes and what not. I have such mixed up feelings on this though. I work in a nursing home and I see people that take a ton of medications, and they stay cooped up and don't do a thing. But then again, they have lived a full life and deserve to have the best care around. I don't know I just need to stop ranting about this, because it's making me more confused.
On to better thing, shall we?
Well, it's beautiful outside today. Nothing better than that!
Hah, my day has just been made. There are two guys downstairs that are volunteering at a Save a Child's Life Donation thing, and they are hilarious! They keep yelling at people who walk buy to save a child's life. One guys was like, "Oh, come on 50 cents and you can save a child's life, you were once a child."
Me being the realist that I am, I asked the following, "50 cents? How can that even amount to saving a child's life?" and then I said, "Do you take credit card?" Turns out they do not except credit card. If I had 50 cents I so would save a child's life. Sometimes I seem all bitter, but I'm really not! Lol
Well, I'm going to go to that cafe and get food. My plan is to ask for 5 dollars in cash, so I can save 10 children's lives. (:
I need to help people as much as I can. Good karma. Heaven only knows how much I need that.
Have a fabulous day. Go save a child's life too!

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