Sunday, March 13, 2011

Something new.

Something new, just what I need!! I wish that something new knew that it is my something new. I hate playing this game. I guess it's necessary though! 

I love this quote. If I ever got a tattoo, it would possibly be of this, but way cooler looking!
I'm having dinner at my brothers house today. I'm pretty dang excited, and I'm pretty hungry right about now... I have such a fast metabolism. IHATEIT.
1. I feel like a pig because I'm always eating
2. Even if I eat a lot, I'll still be hungry 30 minutes later
3. I can't gain weight
4. I usually feel hungry all the time
This weekend has been a thousand times better than last weekend! Thank goodness.
Oh, my California road trip got canceled.. ): So, if anyone else wants to go somewhere... let me know! Lol
I need to get away from here.

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