Monday, February 28, 2011


 I'm craving something just like THIS! Maybe I'll make one today, because my goodness it looks good. (:
So, as you probably already know... today is Monday which therefore, leads to Tuesday... Tuesday's are my worst days. School at 7:30AM until 1:00PM then I go to work until 10:30 ish. I think I might throw in the white flag for my job in Ogden, I mean I get paid way more at my other jobs. I really don't want to though. I love working there. Making decisions is the worst.
The other day I watched a little TV :O I know I was amazed I did too. But, it was Spongebob (with my nieces)... so it's okay. I think it's funny how I'd rather watch cartoons, and then my little nieces and I talk about them like there soap opera's. Haha. That day I took them to get frozen yogurt and we went to Wal mart to look at toys, oh and we went to Petco to see all the animals! We pretty much are hero's...
I'll tell you the story:
It was a day like any other day. We were at Grandma Pam's house (my mom) and we were very bored! Like so bored that we had to play on a exercise machine for entertainment... yeah lame I know. Anyway, we decided to drive to Wal mart and get treats. We ended up at Petco  to look at all the encaged animals. We were having a splendid time then we came to the turtles....................... there was a poor helpless turtle stuck in between the tank wall and a pipe in the tank. We freaked out, and we were looking all over the tank for information to see if they could breath under water, and then we came to the conclusion that they can't breath forever under water because the others were coming up for air... so we ran to a Petco worker and frantically told him the situation. He goes over to the tank and looks at the turtle and says, "Oh, he's not stuck." and removes the turtle. Then we were like, "No, I'm pretty sure he was stuck." and then he got defensive and was like, "No, he wasn't stuck see!" and then he proceeds to put the turtle back, and much to our amazement that turtle got wedged in between and couldn't move. Boys are so dumb! That's pretty much the moral to my story. (;
I really really really need to stop buying books. My stack just keeps getting bigger. I'm reading that top one though! I'm outraged, I still want to start a book club. Hopefully I can find a boyfriend that will want to with me! Or just anyone for that matter...
Today is going to be one long day. I have to do Microbiology homework. *****insert exasperated sigh*****************
Usually Sundays are boring, but last night was pretty darn fun. I needed to get out of town. (:

Here is one last picture. Hope everyone is making themselves a nice day! I know I am!!!

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