Friday, March 4, 2011


Remember that comforter I was in love with? Well, I finally just ordered it. I love it.
May I just say that it has a odd smell to it... that dang new smell. Don't judge me, but I didn't wash the comforter or the sheets before I put them on my bed.. do you blame me? I was just toooo excited to put them on my bed that I didn't have time to wash them. I will Sunday when I do my laundry. But, for the time being, I will just bask in the smell- even though it kind of makes me feel sick. Hah. Oh well. (:
Another weird thing I did. I ordered it in a queen size, so when I get married I can use it. Yeah, I'm that weird! Note: my bed currently is a twin... but I still managed to make it work!

Next big purchase:
 I need something to get me around, because these gas prices are killing my wallet. I think the coy fish are quite fitting for me (;

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