Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's not that I don't talk... It's just no one listens.

When people ask me how I am, I give short simple answers. In reality, I could fill a room with a response. I could go on for hours just talking and just being. But, no one listens and I essentially don't care for some person to know.
I need to get out of this place. To many memories. I need to get away. I want to move somewhere new so bad. I wake up everyday, feeling like I should be somewhere else. Nothing is here for me anymore. I lost my only anchor that was keeping me here in this forsaken place. Now, it's gone, and it hates my existence. It kills me to think that. I'm not running from my problems, I'm shyly just going to except them and move on. Like, a million miles away move on.
In Microbiology today, I pretty much just listened to music... well, that's all I basically did. :/
I look at it this way- my professor teaches out of the book, right? Well, he SUCKS. So, I'll just teach myself from my book. I did pay over 100 dollars for that dang thing, might as well use it.
If I wasn't so sleepy right now, then I'd keep writing. Goooood night.
6 more days until I road trip to California! Let me know of fun, relatively cheap things to do while I'm there!

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