Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Has been a more than average day. I'm sitting here at school blogging. I like the atmosphere and the vibe I get from sitting here on this couch so I kind of look forward to coming here after class and blogging, reading, or other various activities.
I've been thinking that if I had one wish I would wish I would never have to eat again. I'd save so much money! :p Seriously though. But, on another note, I love eating... so, I might have to think of another wish.
Maybe if I could just eat for pure enjoyment, and not to sustain my health.

Could you imagine if everyone dressed the same? I'm talking like plain shirt, plain pants. Everyone was demanded to wear it 24/7. I think it kind of could be nice. People would look more on a personality rather than material status. Because clothes can say a lot about a person. In a good and bad way. But, of course that would get very boring.

Well, I'm done rambling now. (:

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