Friday, February 4, 2011

SCRUBS, SCRUBS, and... yeah, you guessed it

My life as of right now consists primarily of scrubs. I have officially started all my three jobs, and I actually love them all. They are enervating, but keep me out of trouble (;
I've worked everyday this week, and more to come. Let me just state that my pay checks' better be good, or else I quit all of them! Hah. I'm kidding!
All I really have to say is that I'm just thankful for such a wonderful life. I take a lot of things I have for granted, and I hope I can always take a second out of my hectic life and realize how good things actually are! Sometimes things are going so good that it makes me not want to move to St. George for school... I have three great jobs and hey, free rent (: On a side note- I need to get my behind in gear and enroll in Pharmacy Technician so I can pursue in that. I have so many things I want to accomplish.
-Pharmacy Technician
-Nurse Anesthetist
-Nail Technician
-Perhaps minor in English
Gosh, there is a whole list that is perpetual.

I'm pretty enthralled by this suitcase? Chair? Suitcase chair?
Doesn't look very comfortable, but it sure is awesome!!
Well, I hope everyone has a beautiful day, I'm off to go run errands, and then homework.

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