Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometimes all I can do is DAYDREAM

Is that a bad thing...?
Wish I was here!

Drinking this!

Okay, I admit... I've actually never personally drank Bubble Tea, but I hear only superb things about it. I've decided that I need a girls day out. Hanging out for me consist mostly of guys, correction- only guys. Not that I'm complaining, I'd much rather hang out with guys. Their so relaxed and down to earth. Girls are always fixing their hair, or trying to one up each other- it gets old. I can only personally handle a select few of girls... so if you are part of that select few, consider yourself lucky (;
Now, even though I hang with guys doesn't necessarily mean I'm a huge tom-boy... even though Sage did call me one, but he also said I was just the right balance. That I was down to do anything, get dirty, and listen to metal, but yet I liked to dress nice... hm.
I wouldn't consider myself high maintenance I just like wearing 150.00 jeans, and having nice things... seriously though I'm not high maintenance! Haha.
I had a whole list of things to write about today, but now that I'm actually blogging right now I can't think what I wanted to write about.
Mmm, well I'm going to go make these, and read a book.

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