Thursday, February 17, 2011


During Anthropology today, I was surfing the web and ran into this beaut. It just screams KIM WESTOVER! So, I'm opting to spend 80 dollars for it. I can't stop looking at it, I think I have a problem guys :/ It's probably the pattern that is so captivating to me (;
Anyway, I went to the library today. Some people are so demented, I mean really! This lady was outraged that her books had fines on them! Haha, and then this other lady had a conversation on the phone as follows:
Lady: Yeah, I'm just here at the library studying. (Way loud voice)
Me: (thinking- Oh my heck someone shut this women up)
Lady: Blahhhhhh blah bbllahh, yeah I just have a headache and I can't seem to get over this cold.
Me: (thinking- I'm going to shove a book down her throat)
Lady: I'm just at the library, you don't have to go.
Me: (Thinking- Where is a blunt object? I'm going to go stab myself)
Lady: Well, alright I'll call you when I'm done. BYE
Me: (Dead from stabbing myself................................................... not really, but on the inside I died a little!)
My beautifully radiant Mother took me to a late lunch today. We went to Chuck-o-Rama. I used to despise all you can eat places, nothing ever seemed appealing to me, but now I stuff my face like no ones business!!!! Can I just state a fact? I LOVE old people.
Old Man: (Looking at the desserts)............
Me: There's so many, I think I'll take one of everything!
Old Man: Hahah, I know. Me too!!
Me: Ha, I think I'll take this one.
Old Man: (looking at this huge glass full of chocolate pudding) You think they made this for me?
Me: I don't know, but if you take it I wont rat ya out!
Old Man: Haha.
Me: I would take it if I were you! Hah

Midterm is approaching faster than I would like, but I guess I'll just go with the punches.
I'm going to own my next tests'.... hopefully!
I haven't studied like I once implied, but I will. Last week was just AWESOMELY fun! And if this weekend is as fun, well then I hate to inform you, but I probably wont study much...


Here is a couple things that have been happening in The Fabulous Life of Kim. Hahahahha
Made this collage.
Camera: I love photography
Snowflake: Mostly there because I love patterns designs
Books: I love to read
Peace Sign: I just needed something to fill in that corner. I hand cut that baby, it was a big magazine picture! I mostly just needed a design and I loved the image that is on it- of wild flowers over grown and a blue sky with a person. You can't see the person though.
Other Various Things: Just things I think are captivating.

Once upon a time I received a lanyard. It was from one of those recruiting booths at school (an Air force one). It wasn't the coolest lanyard and definitely not the best looking. But, regardless it got the job done! I was so sick of everyone asking me if I was in the Air force that I just made my own, and here it is. Equipped with detachable keys and quick release neck wrap. (:

This week holds some exciting things! I'm going to attempt to revive my baby.
I've been music less for approximately a year and a half. I dropped it one night and it's never been the same ever since. In fact, it doesn't work at all. But, my good friend is going to look at it! Woooo.
Anyone technology savvy? And willing to help a sista out? Feel free to help me. (: I have a feeling it wont be fixed anytime soon..

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