Monday, February 14, 2011

Just another day..

Happy Valentine's Day. I'm just going to first start out and say that I had the best weekend ever! Gosh, I was always on the go, and I met a slew of new people.  (: Another cool thing is I'm making one hundred and fifty dollars for working five hours today. Woooo. I secretly wish I had someone to cuddle with and to call at night just to talk to them until I fall asleep, and to send cute texts to. I hate how some relationships are so needy though. Ugh. This weekend has been an eye opener for sure! Oh, for future reference do not go see Gnomeo and Juliet... It was kind of boring I thought it was going to be funnier, but I went into it with very high expectations. Haha.

This weekend had made me realize:
-I need to venture out more.
-I want to move away.
-Ice Cube concerts rock.
-Driving on the freeway for an hour and an half by yourself sucks.
-Driving on the freeway for an hour and an half is kind of therapeutic.
- Girls that are needy are stupid
-Girls that freak out over little things are even more stupid.

Hah, for the record- I did not buy myself a box of chocolates. :p

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