Sunday, February 27, 2011


I think I've made up my mind! I want to be a Nurse Anesthetist and maybe further my education and go for an Anesthesiologist. I also wanted to be a Pharmacist, but lets get real... me, sitting still behind a closed in box? Haha, yeah right. I need to be on the move and doing more things than dealing drugs(;  

 These are my adorable little nieces, they are really good at playing the Nintendo DS things. Puts me to shame. Hah, I REALLY need to visit them more!

 ... and what picture documentation is complete without a silly face one? (Sorry for the picture quality... that camera is having some serious personal problems and is not working to the best of its ability)

This weekend I went to lunch with a bunch of my family. Their crazy, it's so fun!

Oh, so here is me... here is me talking about myself. Haha, I realized that I never really introduced myself to everyone. I know there is a little side column, but that doesn't suffice. I'll try to stick to positive aspects...  But, here are some random factual facts about ME.
-I hate talking about myself, when I'm with friends or anyone it's a struggle to think of something to say about myself (I've noticed people LOVE to talk about themselves, it's not a bad thing though....)
-This blog has helped me a lot
-I love staying up late
-I love waking up early
-My family is honestly the best, they are amazing
-Learning is one of my hobbies
-I think listening to people is the only thing I'm actually good at... so if you need to talk, come to me!! (:
-Singing in the car is a must with me
-I'm very relaxed and easy going
-I make mistakes, but the thing is I actually learn from them
-My life is wonderful and I take it for granted
-Girls make me sick, they're so annoying
-I procrastinate, as you already know
-I'd rather drink water over anything else
-I'm standing tall at five foot one... sometimes five foot two (:
-I weigh 98 pounds sometimes 100.
-I love the color yellow and periwinkle
-I want to travel the world
-I will travel the world
-I'm adopted from North Korea.................NOT I'm from South :p hah
-I used to hate driving, but now I kind of enjoy it (when I'm by myself)
-When I see a baby, it makes me want to have one
-I think to much for my own good
-I wish I was pretty on a daily basis
-I want to be a Doctor, Nail Technician, Photographer, Pharmacy Technician, Interior Designer, Wedding Planner, and everything else in-between
-I'm scared of the dark
-I like to go running early in the morning and late at night when no one is around and I can sing while running hah
-I'm caring
-I'm a push over
-and... I really do get a long with everyone, and people love me. That sounds very cocky of me?! But, really I just have a personality that is chill and understanding and I never judge. Well, I do judge (everyone judges) haha, but not where it ruins a person for me. Does that make sense? :p Oh, and I'm super passive.

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