Monday, February 7, 2011


Ugh, I told you... I'm obsessed with this dang pattern! I really should be studying for my Microbiology test- that is this week. On a random tangent, I wish I could find a guy that can actually retain my attention for more than a couple of months. This game is getting really repetitious, and quite frankly I do NOT like it.  **Sigh*******************
Can it be Friday yet? Please? Wait, no... I don't want it to be Friday, because that is one day closer to Valentine's Day.... Oh please, a day set aside just to show you love someone? Shouldn't everyday be like that? Wait, I stand corrected, I think that would get very old, fast! But, I do believe people don't love enough. My number one answer whenever someone asks me how to have a good relationship is- Always have fun with one another, don't get sucked into regular things, and communicate.
I'm no love Doctor, but I've learned the hard way about things, and I observe people all the time. Creepy? Maybe a little! Haha

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