Thursday, November 18, 2010


Perhaps I didn't study for my Psychology test.
Perhaps I cram studied for a good 3 hours before I attempted to take it.
Perhaps I took a 15 minute nap somewhere in that 3 hours.
Perhaps this isn't the first time I've procrastinated.
Perhaps I won't have to be to school at 7:30 anymore due to my Psychology class has now officially ended. 
Perhaps I'm listening to Ke$ha.
AND perhaps I like it. (;

Man, is it me or did this week fly by? It's probably just me...
Today at school was not as amusing as I had anticipated, I mean the guy that kept swearing at his laptop was rather entertaining, but it didn't satisfy me. On a brighter note IT'S THE WEEKEND! Technically no it is not, but for me it is. (: So, it has been decided-I need to study more and do whatever it is that is keeping me from studying... a little less. I get in a good groove of study habits and then next thing I know I'm in class freaking out to the guy next to me that I'm not prepared for the test and diligently telling him to tell me everything that we have learned. Now, don't be alarmed, everyone that sits by me knows this is a regular thing for me. I feel bad for that fellow that has to put up with me, but he is a good sport and kindly proceeds to tell me the criteria that I need to know. Bless his soul. Haha
Random thing, as I lethargically walked to my next class a man caught my eye... I look over and saw him looking at his reflection in a window. Seriously, he was very entranced with what he saw I guess, because he stayed there for a good 6 minutes. When I passed him he was just smiling at himself. WOW. Am I the only one that sees/ acknowledges these things? Haha, I like that guy though. He doesn't give a crap what people think... *sigh
Well, now that I have ranted and complained I'm going to home to Brigham now, where serious chill sessions are about to take place. (:

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