Saturday, November 20, 2010

A beautiful mind

This weekend I FINALLY watched, A Beautiful Mind, it was great!! I insisted that we watch it for a second time in a row... but, Kody persisted that it wasn't as wonderful the second time around. Psh, what a party pooper. (:
I really eat those kinds of movies up and it gets me thinking about how brilliant the mind really is, and makes me want to work in a Asylum, AND makes me want to became a Neurosurgeon- so I can perform frontal lobatomies....haha, I'm kidding! It's so crazy, do you ever think about becoming schizophrenic, or having dissociative identity disorder (multi personality disorder). I freaks me right out to be honest. Side note: This weekend has been... interesting to say the least. Everything is happening so fast I just need to slow down. Woo is it hot in here? Or is it just me? Hah
Well, I'm signing out. After staying up ALL night- I'm pooped. Yes, Yes. I did just use the word pooped! Blame it on my Mother, she implies she is pooped on a regular basis. (: Hah

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