Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just another thing to distract me...

So, I decided to make a blog today... what possessed me? I'm still wondering that too! I feel like this will keep me up to date on myself (access to a computer is easier than carrying around a journal)- I guess you could say, even thought I'm a very avid journal writer.When I say avid, I mean like once every two weeks. Give me a break, I have school every other day... and I work only on the weekends. Haha Yeah.. I try to make myself sound important and busy, but do you blame me? Everyone else is doing it. Gosh, now I sound even more trendy... ha
I'm going to buy myself a fancy camera, maybe on Black Friday! I plan on going this year, even if it is by my lonesome. (:

I took this picture on my way home for Vegas a little while ago. I love road trips! But, who doesn't? Right?
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.
Oh, p.s. If you are planning on reading my blog, can I just warn you right now that I'm a complete dork and I'm maybe a little obsessed with grammar... so if you want to correct my on anything- feel free to. (:
I hope as I pursue this blog, that my ability to become a better writer will start to show.

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