Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, all the rumors you hear are very much the cold hard truth! Speculate no more. I'll be the first to admit this, but I hate SNOW. Give me 10 good reasons I should like it. Then maybe I'll give it another chance. I mean, hear me out on this one... when you wake up and you know life is beautiful and it's going to be a great day! Then you take a gander out the window... yeah, cancel all your plans, hide all the women and children, lock all the doors and windows-because it's a blizzard out side!
Am I the only one that hates this? Or when you innocently walk outside, and the cold hits you like a ton of bricks... then you try to scramble back inside, with the last of your strength and proceed to take your shoes off once inside the nice toasty warm house... then BAM cold, wet, miserable wetness all over your socks that were once warm... ugh, HATE!
Oh, but worst of all! I hate driving in it! Anyone with me on this one? Hah Now I'm not scared of very many things, but hitting a deer is one of my worst fears! I'm petrified of those four legged disease carrying animals.
But, for some odd reasoning, I can't figure out why I love snowboarding though... :/ Yeah, Love hate relationship right here.
On to better things! Lets just say... I maybe started my Thanksgiving break out early! Do I regret not going to school today? Psh NO WAY, best decision i've ever made. Lets just say that I haven't done homework/ studied for a good week now! Do I regret that?..... Yes, actually I do. Hah.
I got woken up today by my Father. The conversation is as follows:
Dad: *flings door open* "Are you going to Ogden anytime soon?"
Me: "No."
Dad: "Well it's supposed to snow around four today, I don't want you leaving the house today."
Me: *semi upset that I can't leave the house* "Fine"....

Don't you love how I'm nineteen and still being advised what to do. Haha  

Can I just say that I want to go on a road trip, again! Oh man, if only I was five years older and a million dollars richer... then i'd just leave everyone behind and travel the world. That sounds very arrogant of me, huh?... Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving week!

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