Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official

I'm ultra weird... you know why?... because you know you're ULTRA weird when you want to fly to Seattle just to see this wall of gum. Yes, I said it, wall of gum! Also so I could place my delicious, already been chewed, moist, sticky gum on that glorious wall. It's fascinating. Oh, if only Utah had one of those walls I'd vouch to start a wall like that, but pretty sure some scum bag would disagree with me. I think Seattle would be a exquisite place to live too! And I'm not just saying that because of this wall of gum.... Psh, that'd be super silly.... ahah.
So... I didn't go to school today. Psh, I'll make up for it by studying extra hard tonight! (;

I want this! All of this. I think it's the next coolest thing, man I wish I could pull this look off, but unfortunately I'm lacking some areas... so It would most likely fall down, Haha. Anyway, on to better areas. I'm trying to decide what classes I should sign up for next semester... I'm thinking Intro to Photography, an online English class, a Science class (of course!), and perhaps a Religion class? Come on people help me out.
Sorry this post is so dang random... my mind is kind of racing, but then again... when is it not always racing? I hope everyone has a tremendous Tuesday!

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