Sunday, May 1, 2011

Word vomit.

I'm lost somewhere between dreams and reality, between imagination and existence. I do not know who I am and I'm not sure where I belong, but I like it here. I might stay awhile.

I've been in the mood to draw... there is a catch though! I'm probably the single handedly worst drawer placed upon this world. I envy individuals that can draw. I guess I shouldn't really be jealous. If I practiced I would probably not be in this current situation I am in now. Right? Hah.
And, it's not necessarily that I don't have an active imagination, because I can totally see the image I want to draw. I just have a hard time converting it onto paper I guess you could essentially say.

This weekend was... different but nonetheless fun. (:
I'm going to sound really vague, but cops may or may not have been involved. Nothing bad... lets just say I almost pee'd my pants though. Hhaha
To Do:
- Replace my hair straightener
- Read
- Wash car
- Go running
- Buy stuff to make tacos
- Do laundry
- Register for Fall semester
- Do online things for college
Last thing before I post this- I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life! You guys keep me on my toes.
Crap, I almost forgot...

As promised ^

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