Thursday, May 19, 2011

Down time.

I'll hurry and post while I have some "down time". I paid my citation today... 90 big ones. Ugh.
Brighter note- went shopping, and not just any regular kind of shopping, BABY shopping! (: For my Sister that is due in August. To say I'm excited would be the biggest understatement ever. We haven't had a baby in the family for two years, so needless to say, we are all pretty baby hungry and ready for her to make her debut arrival. (:
All I have to say is, it's a tiring job being a favorite aunt and all- but well worth it! Hah.

Here a few things on my wish list:

I once purchased Planet Earth before... but, I left it at a friends house and probably will never get it back.):

I still have been lifeless for about 2 years now... I just need to muster up and buy a new one already.

Seriously, I've only heard good reviews about this. I should probably buy it!

Today I watched some tv. I hate tv, but I watched the Food Network channel so it didn't bother me. (: I miss watching tv, just because the Food shows are my favorite thing ever. Oh, and cartoons :p
Well, I'm off to go read. Night.

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