Thursday, May 5, 2011


I stare at myself in the mirror. Not in a conceited way. More of a "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?" way. Is this normal? Yeah, didn't think so... :/ I don't do it all the time though, if that makes this situation any better. Haha.

I really adore Anberlin! I like them so much I would probably name one of my offspring Anberlin... I have a whole slew of names written down for future reference... gosh, this post is just making me sound like a creeeper. Anyway, I know it's a good band, when it can totally 360 my mood!! I've been pursing to buy a shirt by them. I've been procrastinating that- like a year of procrastinating. Ooops, but really? Are you even remotely surprised? Lol

Yesterday I went on a 5 or so mile hike with some of my best friends, then for a little jog by myself around midnight. Man, I need to get in better shape. I kept up just fine, but I need to get more into shape. Good thing Summer is just around the corner. So I can shed off my holiday weight. It was so pretty up in the mountains! We hiked up to a little river? Waterfall? Thing. It took us approximatively 3 hours.
Hah, so remember my previous post? HERE, Where I talked about Box Elder bugs? And how I periodically find them chillin on my shoulder? And how that scares the sh*t out of me? Well, that 100% happened to me yesterday. :/ Not funny.
I'm pretty happy today! I'm getting my hair cut!!!! Way short................................................... Just kidding :p But I am getting it trimmed. Thank goodness. It needs it.
I'll probably update this post later... my day is pretty lax today. (Am I using lax in the right context? :/ hope so, haha).

I really need a new ipod. That's all I have to say. Make yourself a grrrreat day.

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