Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Growing up, and what not.

Is it really sad when I could pretty much be eligible to be in school right now to be getting my LPN... But, then I think about myself and I know I'm not mature enough or smart enough to start right now. :/ Maybe in a year... Then I was thinking, what even makes someone mature faster? Simply answered, it's when you put yourself in situations that force yourself to grow up. I guess I should do that to myself more. My whole life i've been kind of... in a pathetic way been babied. :/ Which is understandable, I am the baby of the family and I'm a girl. I guess that's just my excuse- but it's a good excuse. :p

This picture makes me want to have an array of tea pots! I should start collecting these and those dang cake stands that I've previously posted about. Hhah.
Man, am I cool or what... collecting tea pots and cake stands. COOL. Lol.

Well, I just got off work. Now time to get ready for the day.
I'm going on a hike with some good friends today! Hopefully my out of shapeness can keep up.
Oh, then hopefully I can talk them into going to Betos to get a Veggie burrito. Mmmm.

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