Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacation Time

I took this picture... forever ago it seems. Which essentially means I haven't been on a vacation in "forever"... will someone please take me on one? I'll even pay for myself, and I'll be a good girl and pee before we leave to go anywhere... oh, oh, and I won't ask, "Are we there yet."
I hate how I stay up late on nights that I actually should go to sleep early, and on nights that I can stay up as long as I gosh darn please, then I fall asleep way early. LAME. I'm highly ruminating pulling an all-nighter.
Dear body, I hate you and your condescending ways. Oooo, I'm so eager for this weekend. Lets just say I've been looking forward to it for approximately one month. Woo, finally.
My weekend as follows:
-Start my new Home Care and Hospice job
-Salt Lake City, with my home girl Morgan
-Movie Marathon with Adam
So... maybe my weekend doesn't sound as cool, once I wrote it out... Hhaha. Oh, well. I'm still stoked.
This has been bugging me for quite sometime now. Humor me please.
Scenario 1) You take a test, and you flunk it... you think, "Wow, that test was so hard; that professor is so stupid he never taught us anything on there, and he makes his tests' so hard."
Scenario 2) You take a test, and you ace it... you think, "Yeah, that test was so easy; I'm so smart, I'm the best, that professor is so easy."
I don't know what I'm trying to make you understand. I just hate how people blame the tests' and say there hard or easy. What I think it boils down to is how hard you study. I know, I know... common sense! But, there legitimately are people that blame the tests'... I may or may not be guilty of this :/ Haha.
Moving on, today I went to work and worked. (: (forgive me, I'm in a crazy mood, and when I'm in crazy moods I act a little more dorky than usual) Well, I'm starting to get the hang of things, and I know most the residents names and room numbers! Well, anyway I was getting a resident ready for bed, and I tripped over something (don't worry, I caught myself before it turned out tragic) the resident looked at me with a teasing face and said, "WASN'T ME!" Hahah I thought it was cute! (:
I'm off to go read my book that is just taunting me to read it! I'm such a nerd, that I asked Adam to start a book club with me... ***sigh* I've been trying to start one of those things for over a year now. Cross your fingers!

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