Sunday, January 23, 2011


I would like to make it crystal clear that I, Kimberlee Mee Yung Westover studied last night! (:
I'm serious, It was actually really great! There is a whole chapter dedicated to enzymes... neat huh... :/
Well, that's what I'll be doing tonight also, along with cleaning and doing TONS of laundry. Is it bad to say that I can go like 3 months without doing laundry, just because I have sooooo many clothes. *sigh*
It's a curse actually. On a side note, and on a more personal level- I did have to wear swimsuit bottoms for a good week, because I was running out of my delicates. Yes, I have that many swimming suits that I can wear the bottoms for a good week. I really should stop buying clothes. It doesn't even seem like I go shopping that much. Dang technology and dang the convenience of online shopping.
Moving on to more important things... I really want to become more educated in politics! Yeah, I know what you're thinking. When you meet some political nut and they go on a tangent of politics and you just kindly nod your head and hope that they will stop babbling about whatever it is, because in all honesty, you have no idea if you are even a Democrat or Republican-heck you don't even know what those are. Haha I'm kidding... to a certain extent.

It's been decided, I have to start crocheting so I can make these beyond cute baby shoes. (:

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