Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's not easy being small...

To small to reach high shelves.
To small to lift heavy things.
To small to give blood.
To small to find jeans that actually fit.
To small to wear these cuties... to bad I don't wear a size 9 ): but, I guess that is a good thing or else my body wouldn't be proportionate.

They're awesome? Right? I'd buy them right now if they had my size..... ****sigh*
On a brighter note, I got another new job! It's at Alpine Home Care and Hospice, woooo. I'm so excited. I get paid 12 dollars and hour sometimes more, and if I work the weekends "on call" then I get 50 dollars plus my 12 dollars on top of that. Ahh, love it. Plus, I get paid gas mileage.
So, I officially tired Skype last night. One word-ADORE.
Sorry I haven't blogged in forever... Christmas and everything else in between threw off my groove of things. Needless to say, I'm going to try to blog more! Not my New Years resolution, but a good intention(:
Oh, speaking of resolutions... here are some of mine:
1. Become a better cook
2. Read lots
3. Learn something new everyday
4. Save money
5. Buy a new camera
6. Find me a cute guy
7. Get more hobbies
8. Expand my vocabulary
9. Be more outgoing
10. Make new friends
I feel like a horrible person... correction: I am a horrible person... I haven't written my bestie Nate in like 2 months. :/ I should probably do that! He's such a great person. We hung out like everyday, and I miss it.
I need to still buy my books for school... yeah, yeah, yeah! Don't judge me.

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