Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I started my one of my new jobs this week! It's pretty fun, and can I just say that I love the residents. They say the darnest things. (:
It's a lot more diverse than my Transitional Rehab one. I don't really have anything to say... Valentines is arriving soon?! I need to find me a cutie so I can spoil them, sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend just so I could shop for him and dress him all stylin' (:
Man, this coldness is killing me. I dislike getting up at 5:50 A.M and then leaving at precisely at 6:50 to head to school. Ugh times infinity.
----NOTE TO SELF: Don't ever take an early morning class again.
----NOTE TO SELF: Write Nate.
----NOTE TO SELF: Try to memorize all the residents names?
----NOTE TO SELF: Obtain Despicable Me.
----NOTE TO SELF: Get my spectacles fixed.
----NOTE TO SELF: Do laundry.
----NOTE TO SELF: Do homework.
----NOTE TO SELF: Manage time wiser.
----NOTE TO SELF: Read.

I want to start collecting cake stands! When I was little, it seemed like everyday I would start collecting something new, haha. One thing never changed though... I loved collecting bugs. :p Sometimes I miss doing that, and no one wants to be a bug catcher with me anymore. I guess I should grow up. Today is one of those days  that my thoughts get the best of me. I hate it. 

Well, that's all for now.
Tune in for next time(: 

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