Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a week!

I'm just going to start off by venting. But, click here, and listen.
Why, do people thinks its okay to lie? The next lie I hear, I'm going to punch someone. Yeah, that may not sound real intimidating... but that's all I have. So yeah!
Also, why does my immune system hate me?...
On Friday, my friend Nick and I walked around Salt Lake and went apartment hunting. We seriously walked forever it seems. I asked him, "is this what a heart attack feels like?". I felt pretty accomplished, I called and made all the appointments and I think we did pretty swell that day! We found three apartments that we really liked and that were decently priced, conveniently located, and somewhat spacious. The one we really have our hearts set on is one in the avenues. It's really old... but for only 700 a month (split 4 ways) can't get much better than that!
If I get my own room, then I'll pay a little more for that. I had a good time walking around though! Last week I probably turned in 40 applications to different places in Salt Lake. I really want to get on at the University Hospital. But there was a position I applied for that was at Primary Children's, I'd like that one as well!
As for school, I'm going to just take online classes for Fall semester (someone please motivate me.. I don't know how well I'll like full-time credits- online) and just ride the front runner to Weber if needs be.
Tomorrow my work is having a pot luck. Tomorrow will be the last day there. A little unsettling, but I'm kind of glad. I needed a change and something to get me to appreciate all I do have.
This week I should have been super stressed because:

  • My work of 3 years is closing
  • Jobless
  • FINALS week is enough to send anyone into shock
  • Apartment hunting
  • I'm convinced my tonsils are trying to kill me
But, for some weird reason I don't feel that stressed.

I'm trying to think of things to put on my wall when I move... but I'm having the hardest time. *Girl problems, sigh* 

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