Monday, August 12, 2013

When I die

When I die.
When my brain stops processing.
When my breathing slows to nothing.
When I start going in and out of reality.
When that cooling sensation overwhelms me.
When ever that happens...
Just let me go.

When I die, just let me go.
Don't keep me alive... with Facebook pages or writing on my 'wall'.
I want to be none existent. It's either that, or I want glory to my name..
But, lets be honest. That won't happen.
If you miss me, I'll know.
So, just let me go.

My life is becoming a chore.
I wake up dreading each day. More. And. More.
I have to talk myself out of quitting my job.
I can't help but stare at people and wish I were them.
Because anything is better than.. this.
I'm getting used to myself again. Because my own company always seems rather dull. But, I prefer it over other.
I used to love looking at and taking pictures. That too is a chore. And I'm starting to hate it.
Gloomy over cast days is all I want.That, and sleep.
Where my mind can wonder, but my body can go limp.

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