Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunshine and road trips

On my most recent adventure, I went on a smallish road trip to Riggins, Idaho.
Small, podunk town in what seems like is hidden behind rolling mountains. Beautiful and scorching hot- it was a blast.
Nothing can compare to throwing back your seat, closing your eyes, and the only sound is the tires skimming the road.
When that warm sun radiantly hits your eye lids and warms your skin, like you were made for nothing else but to succumb to the rays engulfing every cell in your body. You can't sleep, for the movement of shadows just puts you in a trance. You can't help but to think about everything and nothing all at once. With the person you adore to adoration's fullest potential. The sense that they are next to you makes your heart go into arrhythmia. Not because you need them or you feel insecure without them, but because it's quite the opposite.
Now, time for the next adventure. Because I feed off long days, good company, and  being somewhere that's unfamiliar to me. 

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