Sunday, July 8, 2012

lighten up

Some people take life to seriously and I will never fully understand why.
I guess lately I've been feeling that way... I dare say that i've felt a surge of anxiety here and there.

My new job is good. My favorite part is working in the Emergency Department. So much excitement.
(I get a lot of questions about my job, um, I basically save lives and openly provided with the opportunity to perform CPR- haha. Along with that, I hook up/analyze ekg's, inpatient/outpatient, enroll heart monitors and place them, listen to Pandora a lot, check my Facebook, and hangout with some of the coolest co-workers ever).
My apartment doesn't have AC... need I say more?
I've been looking at new cars. Nothing to serious, I just really want a new one. :p
I've been in the cooking/baking mood.
I have started a dozen books.
I have taken up a dozen hobbies.

p.s. I changed the name of my blog. I felt like this one was more appropriate for where I am.

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