Monday, March 26, 2012

Change never felt so good!

I thought for the longest time that I wanted to be with a specific someone. I really thought the world of this person for the longest time. I waited and waited and... pretty much waited for them -through thick and more thick. Along the way I wouldn't allow myself to get attached to anyone else and I would deny any so said feelings towards anyone that I dated in between, sadly I ruined A LOT of really great things, and I'm kicking myself for it now. Well, then things finally started to fall into place. Or so I thought... I don't know what switched in me. Maybe the possessiveness, controlling, unstable, and aggressive demeanor that surfaced in him. I'm not really sure, but all I know is I suddenly had no desire to be with him. Well, here I am. Free from all that and ready to make up for lost time. Knowing my personality, I would say I'm bitter towards relationships and that I never want to go through that again. But, I feel refreshed and new. Turning over a new leaf never felt so good. I should have posted this over a month ago, so I'm sorry for that!!

Lately I have been trying really hard to enjoy things more. Whether it been holding my nieces closer and a little longer (I would also include my nephew, but he is a stinker and wont let me hold him... real heart breaker that one is), having a more positive attitude at work, taking a little longer on my homework, turning the radio off while I drive, or talking to old friends.
Also, school is almost over with! About two more weeks, I still haven't decided on if I would attend the summer semester or not. :/

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