Saturday, November 12, 2011

I don't make sense.

Don't get me wrong, I love photography and all. I love how you can capture a moment and keep it almost effortlessly. But, I am a firm believer that some things shouldn't be captured by a camera. I like to think that you should have some of the best memories kept in your 'memory'. Do you really need to take a picture of EVERYTHING you are doing for that day?
But, I do love photography, and I'm always taking my camera out and taking pictures of things that catch my attention... So, I guess I'm pretty much contradicting myself?

Something happened to me that only confirms how weird I am.. :/
I met this way chill guy, and he seemed down-to-earth. Well, we hung out and I guess he thought that we were more than friends slash though I liked him. When I say like, I mean LIKE liked him. So, we were talking and I was trying to explain that I'm just on a pursuit to find friends and make all the friends I can. I'm not looking for anything serious, and I was like I really have no desire for that. I asked if that was weird for me to say, and he confirmed I was... hm. I guess if I ever come across someone to catch my attention, then I'd give them a chance, maybe (; haha.
Something to note:
I ate beto's last night, I really think that was the highlight of my day.
I'm bound and determined that my hair has reached its optimal growth point :/
My newest niece is theeeeee cutest thing I've ever seen.
Half tempted to go jump in the snow.
I've been craving sandwiches a lot lately.
At work, there is the cutest resident with dementia. I told him that I'd was going home and I'd see him tomorrow, and I told him to stay out of trouble while I was gone, he just laughed. It was a great reminder why I love my job.

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