Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well, it happened...

Regardless of my constant dread and begging, I turned the BIG 20. Surprisingly, I feel different. Maybe it's just me over thinking the whole thing, but I really do feel different. Older? Wiser? Closer to death? Maybe all the above? Who knows?...  I detest my birthdays- if you haven't noticed. I just hate the thought of "growing up". Growing up entails: A job you hate, predictable days, no time for friends, buying groceries, and all that other nonsense. I don't know, maybe I'm looking at this whole thing from the wrong perceptive.
Well, I hate my new job. I hate my boss. So I'm painstakingly throwing in the towel and going to put in my two week notice. Yes, I've only worked there a month, but I want to just take a trip, meet people, read a book all day, start getting into learning again, and spend the night at my sister's house. So to reiterate, yes I am quitting all my jobs. Well... I will still periodically work in Brigham, just because car payments don't pay themselves- sadly. My whole life I've been working since I was the appropriate age, I just want to not have to worry about going to work everyday. I guess this makes me sound really lazy, maybe I am. I don't really know what I am or what I'm not at this point in life. I don't think this is normal... not just anybody would quit their job that pays them almost 12 dollars an hour. I may or may not regret this, but I guess we'll find out. The feeling of something missing is persistently growing into a big knot in my stomach, and it gets so bad that I feel the unnecessary urge to emesis. To much information? :/ hah.

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