Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Stop. First and foremost. Right click here. Open link in new tab. Enjoy. (:
I thought you guys should probably listen to what I've been liking lately.
So, while I complain and bicker you can at least have something to like...

I think it's appropriate to state that the things I list further down doesn't necessarily mean that you bug me or that if you by some weird uncanny chance you do something listed doesn't again necessarily mean that I hate you. So, people calm the heck down. Don't be offended. Don't change because of me. That's the last thing I'd want or expect. But, I'm flattered nonetheless :p
Now, to get down to business... Lets just say that I'm a pretty laid back person...but somethings do set my teeth on edge!

(No particular order, I hate them all the same). Ha.

1. Long finger nails slash toe nails- On a male or female. WTH? Cut that sh*t. Okay, that was harsh... but really, trim. Now, some natural long nails look good on some people! So, kudos for you.

2. Pants with no back pockets- Specifically jean pants. What's worse that jeans with no back pockets? Probably nothing. Except the classy "tramp stamp" But, if jeans with no back pockets are categorized with tramp stamps, then you really do deserve to wear them. Hahaha. That really made no sense. Hopefully you get my point. (My subconscious is feeling remotely bad, so I'm sorry if you wear pants with no back pockets :/)

3. Buying water bottles- This is so bad for our planet! Are you that naive? Plus the companies that make billions of dollars from selling you water. Need I say more?

4. Rude jerks- Swallow your pride and start being nice. No one likes you! We just pretend to so you're not a meanie to us. (Note: So many inappropriate words came to my mind to use instead of "meanie").

5. Girls- Girls in general bug me. A select few actually are my friends. I'm totally serious about this. I'll have more guys at my wedding shower, baby showers, bachelorette party, ect. than i'll have girls. Sad, I know... ): They are very two faced. You think your best friend has your back, then the next day she is talking crap on you. Plus they persistently try to one up you.
But, the girls I do get along with are the most wonderful, kind hearted, funniest, loving, beautiful girls ever.
(Note: I love the girls I work with too!)

Well, I'm tired of writing. I can reassure you this list isn't done... but, I'll finish it some other time. (:

Pretty sure I'm already deeply in love with this girl!!! ^ :D I do wish that she was a little more chunky though! Chunky babies are the best!

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