Monday, March 16, 2015

To: you From: me

I just wanted to write you a "letter". So, you'll have to deal with me being all cheesy, mushy, gooey for like a couple paragraphs. I just wanted to thank you, thank you for being so loving, patient, and understanding. I was thinking a lot about what you said on our way home from Red Rocks, you know, that you hope I was happy and that you hope that I don't feel obligated to stay with you because I live with you and have nowhere else to go. haha. But, I hope I was clear in my response... I'm way happy with you and I always have been! Being with you has been my favorite thing/ has been interesting, we've had a lot of ups and downs. From living in different cities, you being reckless, then me being reckless, to moving in with you, me crying to you countless times about school or you not listening /caring what I say.. hah. Sometimes I get nervous and make myself distanced from you... I just get scared. I mean, how did I get someone like you to like me...I'm this shy, introverted person that comes up with thee most random childish things. :/ Well, anyway, I hope you know you've really improved and you're the best listener now, you've never made me feel not loved, and you make me smile constantly. I feel like we sort of have each other figured out and hopefully it gets better!
If you're ever unhappy or anything is bothering you, I hope you will talk to me about it. And I hope you never get board of me..
I have too many thoughts going through my head though. If you want to hear more I can tell you tonight.

bye, (:

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