Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bout that time

It's about time that I update the world. And by the world I mean you. And by you I mean myself. Because I'm about as entertaining as grass growing, so I'm pretty much writing in regards to myself.
Well, I don't feel like anything has changed since the last time I wrote, but then I look back and nothing is the same. So, riddle me that :/
I went to California for the first time. Can I please just live there? Better yet, can I please just go on another vacation?
This awful awful semester is finally over. Now, time to buckle down and just get the rest done with. I'm so ready to do something more than just half-assing my way through things. The best thing about life, when you mess up, you can just try again. So, here's to my 2nd attempt to do better and here's to my 1st attempt to do it. Does that even make sense?... yeah, didn't think so.
Anyway, today I went to my sister's house for dinner. I rode over with my Dad and brother. It was nice to see all of them. Those baby nieces of mine amaze me.

Over all, my life is still wonderful. Every now and then I always think, 'my life is perfect right now, I have all the people I need and want'. But, the last time I honestly thought that, my Grandma passed away shortly after... but nonetheless I still cautiously think it from time to time.

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