Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello cruel world!
To start off today, I would first like to say in a pitiful, shameful way that I miss school. I feel like these past few days have been a total bore and I can just sense my brain power diminishing from me. Oh, and another thing, I'm having Dexter withdrawals. Now I hate watching TV, what's the point? To attempt to entertain me with the same story lines and set up. For example: Obnoxious wives, lazy husband, boring kids, annoying in-laws... let me now reiterate why I hate TV, because it's senseless. But, there is always an exception? Right? (:
Dexter, I'd watch TV 24/7 for you if I had too. Luckily my friend Scott has ALL three seasons on DVD. Ah, life is good.
I feel like my hair has reached its optimal growing point... it doesn't appear to be growing past this certain point. Ugh, hair please just grow. Speaking of hair, I'm getting it trimmed today. Maybe, just maybe that will boot its self-esteem and grow an inch or two for me.

I'm craving this! I'm going to talk my friends into going with me today. Wish me luck(:

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